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Winchester Deadwood Removal Service: Removing Dead Tree Limbs & Branches

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Removing deadwood from trees is a crucial part of tree maintenance, as it will allow for healthier growth. It also prevents major problems such as branch breakages due to weight and other health issues that can lead to tree issues.

We offer tree care services in Winchester, Southampton, and across Hampshire. By using our service you have professional tree surgeons removing the deadwood on your property, making sure that the method we use does not harm the healthy growth of your trees but instead allows them to grow better than ever before.

When removing deadwood from trees, or pruning them correctly, it’s vital to ensure no damage is caused by over extending branches and roots which can cause expensive damages and potential injuries too.

As a professional Arboriculturist & Tree Surgeon, I have been working in the industry for years. Whilst I love my job and can provide you with expert advice on what to do with your trees and shrubs.

Removing deadwood is one of those things that simply needs doing by someone who really knows what they are doing. Rest assured, we are the best Arboriculturists for the job! We know how to work safely as well as efficiently.

Deadwood Removal in Winchester, Hampshire

deadwood removal in winchester

Our deadwood removal service is the most effective, cost effective and environmentally friendly way of removing deadwood from your trees. Our team are experienced in removing deadwood from all kinds of trees and also lopping large branches. It is important to get professional help with this work as it is dangerous and you could severely damage the tree if you do not know what you're doing.

Dead tree branches are something that can be very dangerous for the home and also for the owner of the tree. A dead branch can become a real hazard as it may fall on your house, cars or even on people passing by. Arboriculturists have to pay special attention when they deal with trees because otherwise these things can happen.

Trees that are in need of pruning for any reason can be dangerous to people and property. If you have a tree with dead branches, it may be time to consider taking action - we can also offer a visual tree report, amongst other tree surgery services. This is particularly true if the branch has already fallen or when they pose a risk to power lines or other structures on your property. It is important that you act quickly so that there will not be an accident waiting to happen.

As a tree surgeon, there are definitely a number of problems with dead tree branches. The first is the obvious fact that they are dead; they are no longer able to take in water and nutrients, which can lead to them becoming weak and brittle. The second is that they are no longer able to support the growth of other branches and leaves.

A tree is one of the most important assets that homeowners have in their lawns. It provides shade, it keeps humidity levels down and it gives your home an aesthetic touch. As time goes on, trees require occasional maintenance to keep them looking healthy. Sometimes a tree may appear unsightly because of deadwood within its crown as this indicates poor health in the tree.

Safe Deadwood Removal

Deadwood removal is a key part of arboriculture and tree surgery. The removal process can be challenging when the trees are old, dead, or rotten. As arboriculturists, we have specialised equipment that makes it easier to remove the branches without damaging your property. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in this field and will ensure fast yet safe working conditions for you and your property.

Dead wood is an important part of a healthy and beautiful tree. However, deadwood can also pose serious danger to pedestrians if it isn’t removed properly and in a timely manner.

Although it might seem like common sense, the best way to remove deadwood from a tree is with the help of a professional arboriculturist or tree surgeon. We are trained to safely cut away dead branches that may have become weak over time. By removing these weakened branches early on, you can prevent them from breaking off later down the road. We can also provide consultation and quotes on planting new trees hedges, or shrubs on your property, whether for commercial or residential purposes.

The change of seasons is a good time for an annual check of your trees. Deadwood can be a hazard to you, your family and pets, and should be removed. Other dead branches that have recently fallen or are likely to fall soon should also be removed. An easy way to do this is to look at your tree from the top, and look for dead branches, or branches that are growing towards your house, or ones that have been weakened by storms, disease or pests. You can also check the bottom of the tree, by looking for dead and dying roots.

Dead Wood Removal For Peace of Mind

deadwood removal service

Deadwood is a common occurrence in trees, and it’s something that must be attended to the correct way for safety reasons. As arboriculturists we are trained professionals who work with dead wood on a regular basis, using specialised tools and techniques to ensure our clients receive the best possible service.

Dead wood is not only unsightly, but can also be dangerous. We can identify dead trees and have the dead wood removed. We can also ensure that the tree is not compromised in any way whilst the dead wood is being removed. Our dead wood removal service will make your trees look better than ever before.

Dead wood removal is essential arboriculture work to ensure the safety of your trees. Trees are complex organisms, and when they become damaged or diseased they can be subject to breakage and failure. When we talk about dead wood we are referring to any branches that are no longer functioning and so should be removed.

For many years, we have been involved in the arboriculture industry providing commercial and domestic services, such as property developers, local councils, and schools. Our team of expert tree surgeons can provide you with a wide range of tree maintenance services including dead wood removal in order to improve the health and appearance of your trees.  In addition to this, if you are looking to carry out dead wood removal in the Hampshire area, speak to one of our friendly representatives for more information about our services. Click the button below to enquire today!

Deadwooding & Deadwood Removal Reviews

Deadwooding large tree

"All work completed professionally and to a high standard and in line with the planning consent that they had obtained to carry out works."

Removal of dead wood and thinning out of dense tree

"Peter and his colleague arrived exactly on time as expected. Peter visited a few weeks in advance to discuss and understand the job in detail before providing a quote, and was very knowledgeable and friendly.

All work was completed professionally, and efficiently using the appropriate tools and safety equipment.

The end result actually looked far better than I expected, with the tree retaining a good overall shape and height. They tidied up after the job and disposed of all cuttings, leaving a few logs for me to keep.

Overall very happy and would recommend to anyone looking for tree works!"

Removing dead trees

"Very pleased with the work done in our back garden, which consisted of reshaping trees (one quite large), removing dead trees and a thick, overgrown climber, cutting hedges, other pruning and tidying up. Peter was also a pleasure to communicate with, really listened to what I wanted, very honest, on time, and they left the garden very tidy, Many thanks again!"

Removal of dead trees and cutting back ivy

"Intelligent advice and well organised. This work involved traffic management and removing all debris as trees were next to a main road."

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Why Use Peter Yeates Deadwooding Service:

Peter Yeates Deadwooding Service is a reliable tree surgery company with the knowledge and expertise to remove any deadwood from your trees that are troubling you. We can remove deadwood from trees of any size, and any location.

Our company has been working hard to help local residents and business owners in the area for over ten years. The company was formed by Peter Yeates, who is now the sole owner of the company.

Our company offers a wide range of tree care services for residential and commercial customers. This includes tree pruning, tree lopping, tree limb removal, tree stump removal/grinding, tree bracing, tree removal, hedge trimming, site clearance for commercial & domestic customers, and of course professional deadwood removal.

Deadwooding is a great way to renew the look of your trees. The removal of dead branches and twigs can also improve their health by allowing more air circulation through them.

Our well-trained arboriculturists will have experience with many different types of trees and know exactly how much work they can handle without doing any damage in the process.

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Deadwood Removal FAQs

Why remove deadwood from your tree?

Deadwood is a pruning method that can be used to help improve the health and appearance of your trees.

In addition, it gives you an opportunity to shape the tree in a way that will fit within your landscape better.

Some species of trees are more susceptible to dead wood than others, particularly when they’ve been planted into areas with poor soil conditions or if there has been excessive drought in the area where they were planted.

Deadwood (branches or branch stubs) are removed from trees to allow light and air to the centre of the tree, prevent structural damage to the tree and to allow the tree to grow straight.

Why has my tree got deadwood within the crown?

Deadwood simply refers to any branches or twigs within the crown of a tree which have died from insect infestation, disease and other adverse conditions. Though the term sounds rather ominous, deadwood is often considered essential for shaping trees into pleasing forms as well as strengthening their overall structure by providing strong lateral branches and thicker trunks; these are things which help keep your tree healthy over time.

Does lots of deadwood mean my tree is unwell?

That depends, contact us so we can inspect your tree and provide further advice.

When it comes to tree care, you should be aware that there are several signs of a distressed or dying tree. We often hear our customers say "but my neighbour's trees don't look like this..." There is so much more that goes into the health of your trees than just the appearance on their surface. It can be difficult to know if your tree will thrive through the next season; especially when looking at other people's trees as a point of comparison.

When you deadwood a tree how much do you remove?

Deadwooding is a technique used to remove weakened branches from your tree. It can help treat several different conditions, but it’s mostly used for decay and disease management. However, removing excessive deadwood may weaken the tree if you go too far because there are many factors that contribute to its health. As qualified arborists with well over 10 years experience, we have the experience to know how much needs to be removed.

Why does a tree get deadwood?

The main reasons for tree decline are: Nutrient deficiency (either lack of one or more nutrients, or excess of another), Infection/Disease, Age. Deadwood is an area of thickening tissue on a tree trunk or branch, usually found at the base of the trunk, or at the point of branch attachment.

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