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Logging isn't just about getting the wood that you need for your fireplace; it's about keeping a healthy, abundant forest.

Every part of a tree is useful, whether it's used for firewood, furniture, or paper. That's why it's important to keep all parts of a tree, including the branches, when you cut it down. That's why logging is an environmentally friendly industry.

As you know, firewood can be expensive, so it is essential to spend your money wisely. You need to be sure that the firewood you buy is good quality, and will burn effectively for as long as possible.

The best way to do this is by choosing the right type of wood for your needs. The most common type of firewood is delivered as dry split logs. However, if you are looking for logs that will burn for longer, then you need to go straight to the source and buy barn-stored wood chunks.

The Types of Wood used for Firewood


The three types of logs that are typically used for firewood or sold for the purpose of burning in residential wood stoves are hardwood, softwood, and seasoned. Hardwood logs are cut out of deciduous trees and they are typically harder to burn.

Softwood logs are cut out of conifer trees ("softwood" is a misnomer, as they are not necessarily soft) and are typically easier to burn. Seasoned logs refer to logs that have been cut out of trees and dried out; they can be burned as soon as they are cut, but dried wood burns more easily and with less smoke. Typically the woods usually used are Oak, Ash Sycamore, and other hardwood varieties.

Seasoned Barn Stored Logs for Firewood


Seasoned Barn Stored Logs for Firewood are usually the best choice for wood burning applications. The logs come from a controlled environment where the humidity and the temperature are kept at very specific levels. The logs are seasoned for an extended period of time, creating a product that is safe to burn.

Barn Dried Firewood

The best firewood for burning is the one that’s cut and dried in a way that gives it the most possible energy. Barn dried firewood is the best of the best since it’s the driest, which means it will burn the longest, and give you the most heat.

Barn Dried Hardwood Logs

Barn dried hardwood logs are the ideal wood product for a number of reasons. Hardwood logs sell for a higher price than other types of firewood, per cord, because they burn longer and brighter than other types of wood. (The longer, the better, right?) With a longer burn, the fire will not need to be refueled as often, saving you time, energy and money.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Seasoned hardwood logs are logs that are dried completely after being cut down and they burn longer than unseasoned firewood logs. Logs can be seasoned for as little as three months or as long as twelve months.

Unseasoned Hardwood Logs

Green firewood (unseasoned) is also referred to as wet firewood as it contains a lot of moisture. Green firewood can be used as firewood, but it will burn up to 50% hotter than seasoned firewood. The main thing to remember is that you shouldn’t burn wood that hasn’t been seasoned. Green wood will smoke more and won’t burn as evenly as seasoned wood.

Seasoned Softwood Logs

Seasoned softwood logs are used because of their superior heating properties when compared to green logs. This is because they have been dried for longer and therefore contain less water.

The size of the logs / The length of the firewood logs

The size of the log burning product that you choose to burn will have a direct impact on the amount of heat that you produce and the burn time of the wood product. The size of the log or firewood product will also be dependent on the heating system that you have. Typically though, logs are 8 - 10 inches long.


What is the best wood for firewood?

Some people would argue that woods like oak and maple are beautiful, hard woods with great burning qualities. But if you're looking for something that will burn quickly, your best bet might be a hardwood like poplar or a softwood like pine.

When it comes to firewood, the two most important factors are what kind of wood you use and how you store it. While you can use a mix of types in a supply, each type of wood burns differently and has its own level of heat output.

Hardwood logs are the most common type of firewood. These are often split and are typically the most economical choice. Hardwood logs are typically acquired from dead trees like oak and maple and have a higher heat value than softwood, making them a good choice for people looking to heat their homes.

Some woods, such as aspen, are used specifically for their ease of use for kindling a fire. Others (such as oak) are much harder to ignite but burn much longer than some of the softer varieties. Firewood that is seasoned (has been dried for at least a year) burns best and can also be used to produce a longer-lasting fire.

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