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For the past 10 plus years, we have been working with thousands of customers in and around Winchester to provide them with top quality hedge trimming services. We are a family run business that is dedicated to providing affordable tree care at fair prices.

What is hedge trimming? Hedge trimming is the process of cutting hedges into a neat shape and size. It helps to keep your plants healthy by removing dead branches and any other parts that have been damaged from pests or natural weathering.

Hedge trimming is a service that is provided by arborists (people who specialize in maintaining trees). Hedges may be trimmed to maintain privacy or simply because they are overgrown and need some care.

Hedge trimming is a process used to shape hedges so they can grow in the desired way. Hedges are generally maintained by hedge trimmers, who use hand shears and sometimes electric or petrol-powered trimmers for larger bushes.

Trimming may be done on a regular basis as part of maintenance, or it may be done when the bush has grown too large and must be trimmed back extensively.


Expert Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming and tree pruning can be very beneficial to your hedge. This allows more light to reach the plants, which in turn will make them grow healthy and strong. You need a professional with years of experience when you are doing a large project like this because it is not as easy as you think. The wrong cut could kill your hedge or take away from the natural look that you have been seeking for so long.

Hedge Trimming to Keep Your Trees & Hedges Healthy

Hedge trimming is a necessary part of the gardening process. If your hedges are not trimmed, they can get out of control and start looking messy or even dangerous. There are various reasons to trim your hedges, including safety issues from branches dropping off or hanging too low over gardens and walkways. Regular hedge trimming will also help keep your shrubs healthy so they don't have problems with pests or disease.

Friendly & Professional Hedge Pruning & Trimming Service

If you're looking for a professional hedge trimming service then look no further. Peter Yeates Arboriculture can provide the following services including: hedge trimming, tree services and arbouricultural advice throughout Hampshire including Winchester, Southampton, Romsey, Andover and many more local areas.

Experienced Tree and Hedge Trimming Services

Hedges can make your home look more attractive and help to create a sense of privacy. They also provide an opportunity for you to express your creativity through the use of different plants, shrubs, and trees. However, they will require regular maintenance to ensure that they are healthy and looking good. A professional hedge trimming service can save you time and energy in keeping any hedges around your property trimmed so that they remain attractive throughout the seasons.

It is important that hedges are trimmed frequently because they can easily take over a garden if left untended. When you have a hedge it is important to keep the bottom third of the plant free from growth. This allows sunlight onto your lawn and stops the roots from growing into flowerbeds or other spaces in your yard.

Pruning and trimming hedges and shrubs can be done by anyone with the right tools, but to make a professional job of it you need someone who knows exactly what they are doing. At Peter Yeates Arboriculture we pride ourselves in providing top-quality workmanship that will enhance your garden while keeping your trees & hedges healthy.

Overgrown Hedges & Trees? Let us do the trimming!

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A very common problem which can be frustrating for a homeowner is overgrown hedges. The reason why they become unruly and unmanageable is because the shrub has been allowed to grow unchecked without being trimmed back.

If you've got a hedge that is growing out of control, it's time to take action and get the topiary back in shape.

Hedge trimming is one of the most essential garden services you need.  The leaves and hedges tend to grow over time and can block your view. It is important to keep your hedges trimmed on a regular basis.

The best time to trim your hedges is in the summer. You can get your hedges trimmed as often as you want.

Hedges and shrubs are natural wind shelters, which makes them a perfect place for birds to nest. Trimming your hedges regularly will allow birds to nest freely without worries. Hedges are also important part of your lawn and garden. Without them, your lawn and garden can look incomplete and unattractive.

With well over 10 years of experience in the arboriculture and hedge trimming business we have a wealth of knowledge on how to properly maintain your hedges. This includes but is not limited to hedge trimming, tree pruning and removal as well as shrub & tree planting and maintenance.

Having a beautifully trimmed hedge adds curb appeal to any home. It also provides privacy and improves the appearance of unsightly fences or walls. There are many different types of hedges, with each one requiring unique trimming approaches. We have experience working with all varieties of hedges and can help you select which ones best suit your needs based on location, and styling preferences.

Tree and Hedge Trimming Reviews

Large hedge cutting

"Really good job, did exactly what I asked them to and were able to offer advice."

Pruning 2 apple trees and 1 fir tree

"I would recommend this company."

Reduction of large hedge

"Work done in a very professional manner, on time, site left spotless. A great find!"

Tree pruning and hedge cutting

"Peter always does an excellent job and, just as importantly, removes all cuttings and never damages my plants!"

Conifers, small trees, large shrubs, reduce hawthorn

"Delighted with work Peter Yeates did in my garden. He left everything tidy. Also a very nice gentleman"

Reduce hedges and trim and remove several small trees/ shrubs

"They were fantastic and fitted me in very quickly following quote, were always extremely polite and friendly and cleaned up really well afterwards. I have already recommended them!!"

Here at Peter Yeates Arboriculture we pride ourselves on providing high quality hedge trimming services. If you are looking to hire a team that can deliver in all aspects of the job, then please get in touch today. We have over 10 years experience in domestic and commercial tree surgery from hedges to complete land clearance, and our highly skilled team will take care of all your hedging needs from start to finish.

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Why Use Peter Yeates Hedge Trimming Service:

  • Our years of experience trimming and pruning hedges is guaranteed to leave you with a professional finish and keep your hedging looking great for longer.
  • This is why paying more for an experienced team like ourselves as opposed to hiring cheap gardeners could save you money in the long run.
  • We can provide expert advice on different types of hedges
  • We'll handle any type of hedge trimming, pruning, or shaping you need doing

Here at Peter Yeates Arboriculture we take pride in our work and make sure our clients get the best service possible each time they hire us for their hedge trimming needs.

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Hedge Trimming, Pruning & Cutting FAQs

What is Hedge Trimming?

Hedge trimming is the process of keeping hedges in shape, healthy so they look neat and well-groomed. Hedges are usually trimmed to make sure that they are shaped properly and to give them more aesthetic appeal. This keeps them shorter and easier to manage. Hedge trimming is an essential part of hedge maintenance. Without regular trimming, hedges can become overgrown and potentially dangerous, or they can lose their shape and become unsightly.

When is the best time of year for hedge trimming?

That really depends on your location as there are many factors involved. For example; what species of plant are we talking about here? How tall and big the hedge is and how much it needs to be trimmed back to? What shape do you want it in after being trimmed and how much sunlight will it get after trimming back the branches? All these things help determine when would be the best time of year for hedge trimming.

We are happy to provide tree reports to assess whether any trees require deadwood removal or have any signs of disease, etc.

Hedge trimming is an important part of a garden maintenance schedule. The size, shape, health and hedge species will be determined by the frequency at which you trim them. Here we discuss suitable times for hedge trimming during different seasons to help you keep yours looking great all year round!

How much does hedge trimming cost?

As with the best time of year, the cost depends on many factors, why not get in touch today for an estimate?

What hedges are you able to offer a trimming & pruning service for?

  • Laurel hedge trimming
  • Cherry laurel hedge trimming
  • Yew hedge trimming
  • Leylandii hedge trimming
  • Cypress hedge trimming
  • Conifer hedge trimming
  • Beech hedge trimming
  • Copper beech hedge trimming
  • Privet hedge trimming
  • Lilac hedge trimming
  • Cedar hedge trimming
  • Hawthorn hedge trimming
  • Cotoneaster hedge trimming
  • Photinia hedge trimming
  • Boxwood hedge trimming
  • Viburnum hedge trimming
  • Ligustrum hedge trimming
  • Rosemary hedge trimming
  • Purple beech hedge trimming
  • Thuja hedge trimming
  • And lots more...

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