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Hedge & Tree Planting in Winchester

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Peter Yeates Arboriculture is a full-service tree care company based in Winchester, Hampshire. We have over 20 years of experience in the tree care industry and provide a range of services such as tree removal, tree planting, and stump removal & grinding. Our team of professional arborists and horticulturists have the expertise to plant any type of tree, including fruit trees, evergreens, or flowering plants.

The gardening industry has been growing significantly over the past few years, and Peter Yeates Arboriculture are experts at planting a variety of trees, hedges and shrubs. From fruit trees to flowering plants, we have a team of professional arborists and horticulturists that have the expertise to plant any type of tree.

Planting trees is a complex process, particularly if you are doing it professionally. There are many factors to consider including settling, watering and pruning. If you want your tree(s) to thrive, you need to learn how to handle all of these factors properly. The most important aspect of planting trees is choosing the right arborist company for the job.

Planting trees sounds like an easy thing to do, until you are faced with a lot of trees to plant. Then you may realize that planting trees is not that easy. You need to know how deep to bury the tree and the root ball, how wide apart to space them, and other factors to do it right. This is why a professional arborist is so valuable. They have the experience of planting and caring for trees for decades, and can help you plant trees that will last.

We are committed to planting trees and offering tree preservation services. When a homeowner is planning on making landscaping changes that involve planting, removing or trimming large trees, they should consider contacting us for expert consulting services. We can provide guidance about how best to proceed with your planned project so that you won’t have any surprises later on.

The importance of Planting Trees in Winchester

Tree Planting in Winchester Hampshire

Trees are planted throughout the city of Winchester on public or private property with permission from the landowner. As a tree planting service, we have a large range of trees to choose from. The trees that are planted are chosen to fit the area they are planted in. The trees can be either large or small depending on the size of the area that they are being planted in.

The tree planting service offered by Peter Yeates Arboriculture is an excellent way for landowners to help improve their property. A comprehensive tree planting service can be tailored to meet the needs of the landowner. Strategies can be discussed to balance aesthetics with ecological concerns. Tree planting is a way to control erosion, reduce the effects of flooding, reduce the impact of the sun, and to bring new life where there may be none.

Trees are important to us for a variety of reasons. They offer shade in the summer, reduce air and noise pollution, protect water quality, provide habitat for wildlife, provide beauty, and even absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants to purify the air. Not only are they important to everyone, but they are important for the future, our children and their children.

Benefits of planting trees & hedges

tree planting service Winchester
  • Tree planting is a great way to help the environment and beautify your property
  • Planting trees is a great way to increase the value of your property
  • Plant trees to help reduce the urban heat island effect
  • Reduce stormwater runoff and improve water quality
  • Improve air quality by providing shade and reducing pollution from cars, factories, and power plants
  • Create a more visually appealing landscape

Winchester Tree Planting - Reasons To Use Peter Yeates Arboriculture

A new tree is always an exciting addition to a person's property because of the huge difference it makes to the overall impression, it can transform a garden. Whether you want to create shade on your patio or add some natural beauty to your backyard, trees are hardy and can go for years without much maintenance. Most people will be familiar with the concept of a tree and the benefits it provides for a property. From the shade it provides to the beauty and nature that it provides, you will find it hard not to notice the benefits of trees.

Peter Yeates, owner at Peter Yeates Tree Surgery in Winchester, started his tree planting service to meet with the needs of Winchester’s private and commercial clients. Peter Yeates Arboriculture is one of the few companies that offer tree planting services in the Hampshire area. We have been planting trees for years. We operate in Hampshire & Dorset. We plant trees for both private and commercial customers and can offer free quotations. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how affordable our services are.


Common Issues when planting trees

Whether you are planting a tree, shrub or hedge, there are a few common issues you may face.

Planting trees can be both rewarding and frustrating, as you try to make sure your trees grow with as little stress as possible. However, you don't have to face these issues alone - we're happy to assist with on site consultations and advice.

When planting trees there are a number of common issues that can arise, and you should be prepared for them. Trees will not always grow as you expect, and some may even die. While this is not a common occurrence, it happens with enough frequency that it is important to be aware of what might be wrong. There are also some factors that you can do something to avoid these issues altogether.

The value of good tree care

Planting trees is a great way to improve your local environment and can also be rewarding and enriching in many other ways. There are many benefits to planting trees, from boosting the local environment to providing a living space for animals and birds. In some areas, planting trees is even encouraged by local councils. However, there are also some issues that can occur when planting trees, which can be the difference between a healthy growing tree and one which struggles through life.

Different types of tree plantings in Winchester

There are many different types of tree planting and the different forms are designed for different functions. Most familiar are the ornamental planting which are designed and planted to add to the aesthetics of a particular area. For this reason, they are often planted in large numbers to create an impression and if this is the case it is important to plant with a certain shape or form in mind. These types of trees are chosen to fit with the surroundings, whether it be a garden, park or established woodland.

There are several different approaches to tree planting, and tree planting is constantly evolving. The most common method is by digging a hole twice as wide as the spread of the root ball. A trench is then excavated along the length of the planting hole. The sides of the trench are sloped to form a wedge, which allows the tree to be planted at an ideal angle. The tree is positioned over the planting hole, which is then backfilled with soil. The hole may be filled with water to settle the soil. A tree support may also be installed.

The three main purposes of tree planting and the most common varieties of tree plants are:

1. Decorative
2. Windbreaks
3. Wind-breaks, Decorative and sheltering

It's important to take all of these factors into consideration when planting trees.

Hedge Planting in Winchester

Every garden should have a hedge.  They provide privacy, a little shelter, and a natural barrier to keep out unwanted guests. They also slow down the wind which helps to keep your plants alive. But they don't just look good.  Hedges also provide a number of other benefits. Hedges are one of the most useful features to have in your garden. They provide a wide range of benefits, and are the perfect way to improve the look of your garden and protect your property, while also bringing in new wildlife and even helping to reduce noise pollution.

Hedges are a traditional feature of gardens in many countries, and they are still popular in the UK, where they are known as wind breaks. They can be used to separate the garden from the surrounding land, or to screen unsightly views. They can also be used as a wind break to protect plants from harsh winds, while still allowing light through.

Caring for a hedge that's been recently planted can sometimes be just as important as planting it in the first place, as the health of your hedge can affect the shape and, to some extent, the density of your hedge. The first thing you should do is protect your newly planted hedge with a layer of tree mulch, which will stop the roots from drying out, as well as provide some nutrients to the soil (albeit a temporary boost).

Tree Planting / Hedge Planting Reviews

Supplying and Planting of trees

"Good quality trees planted with care and efficiency."

Sourcing and planting four trees

"This is the second time we've used the company and will certainly again. Peter is obliging, does a great job and is very fair in his pricing."

Large hedge cut hard back, adjacent to public footpath and mature garden.

"Excellent professional workmanship and cleared up the clippings extremely well, despite being hampered by mature planting and fencing immediately adjacent to the hedge. No damage to planting and no obstruction to public footpath at any time. Friendly and polite, came on time and worked efficiently. Neighbours commented on an excellent job well done. Invoiced for the work the next day at the agreed price. A pleasure to do business with."

New hedge planting, removal of existing plants and relocation to other area

"Excellent quality, courteous and friendly, tidy on site, good price, arrived on date agreed, great advice given on suitable plants for area, would definately have again and highly recommend. Very happy with outcome."

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Peter Yeates Tree Planting Hampshire

Why Use Peter Yeates Tree Planting  Service:

Though the focus of the firm is on tree work, the company's founder, Peter Yeates, also offers a range of other services, including tree planting services. His trained crew can handle both small residential jobs as well as larger, more complex commercial projects. If you're looking to have a tree professionally planted, call the experts at Peter Yeates Arboriculture today.

Need a tree? Whether it be a new tree or maybe you just need to have your old tree looked at, you have come to the right place.

Here at Peter Yeates Arboriculture, we have got a wealth of knowledge and experience on hand to help you with all your tree problems.

We have been in the Winchester area for years, and have become increasingly successful as word of mouth has helped us grow.

Not only do we offer tree planting, but we also can offer you tree removal, and a range of other tree services including deadwood removal, site clearance and more.  So, get in touch with us today to discuss your tree planting needs!

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Tree Planting & Hedge Planting FAQs

What month is best to plant trees?

The best time to plant trees in the UK is in the spring, from March to the beginning of June.

What is the worst time of the year to plant trees?

The worst time is in the autumn.  The autumn months are too cold for the trees to settle in well to their new home, and they are also at risk of being damaged or killed by the harsh weather conditions.

When can you start planting trees?

The majority of people plant their trees during spring time, but this isn't the most ideal time to plant a tree.  Spring is a time when your trees are going through their active growing season, and planting during this time could damage the roots of your trees and stunt the growth you need.

What are the worst trees to plant?

Choosing what tree to plant in your garden is an important decision that can impact your garden and the environment for years to come. While many people have a notion of the tree they want, they may not know if it is the best choice for their growing conditions.  For example, some trees grow faster than others, and some are easier to maintain. Get in touch with us for expert advice!

When should you not plant trees?

Planting trees is a wonderful way to improve the environment of your area, but it is not always a good idea. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you commit to planting a tree.

Planting trees is a great thing to do for the environment, but not all trees are created equal. Tree planting efforts can be especially harmful if they are not in the right location. For example, some plants thrive in shady areas, but if they are planted near a light-filled house, they can block out the light. Another thing to consider is the environment that the tree will be in. For example, in some areas, certain trees are affected more by bugs or disease than others, so planting trees that are more resistant to these issues is a good idea.

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